Welcome to Type Per Tempus

A journey through the history of typography.

A little about the site:

Type Per Tempus, literally translates into type through time and that is essentially what this website is dedicated to, the evolution of typography through time. As designers we learn to appreciate typography for its beauty, we take in to account so much information about the shape, weight, height and much more that I feel we forget about the history and the culture that gave birth to the typefaces themselves.

I want to take you the user on a journey through the history of typography, taking time to look at the forefathers of modern day printing, discovering the influences behind some of today’s most famous fonts and how Typography came to be.
The site has been divided into 3 sections, each with its own purpose and each designed to provide you with a varied look at typography and the culture surrounding it.

The gallery section:

The Gallery section is a simple colection of images ranging from 1800 AD all the way up to 2000 AD, each image will be captioned with a small title describing its source or the date it was created. The concept of the Gallery is to show you the typography within each image and how it has changed through the years, fonts werent as complex as they are today and the designs were far less creative than those in the 20th century.

Take a look through the collection and I urge you to notice how the images themselves have evolved with the typography, artwork not only includes well designed pictures, it is sometimes the type accompanying the image that has the most impact.

The anatomy of typography:

One of the most important parts of typography is understanding the typeface that you are dealing with, terms like serif and san serif, uppercase or lowercase are thrown around all too easily. There is a whole new appreciation to be gained from typefaces when you really understand how they are formed, this is what the anatomy section is designed for. It will constantly be updated with various shapes and forms within typography, each time displaying examples and small explanations.

Understanding the shape, thickness, height and much more can help you choose the perfect typeface for your designs, the anatomy of typography will hopefully give you the tools to make it all possible.

The typography timeline:

The final section available is the culmination of my work, it is the history of typography timeline. As previously stated the purpose of this site is to take you through the world of typography and take you back through its history. The timeline has been designed to provide you with important dates throughout time that will be updated continuously, adding more as they are discovered. Each date will have a brief explanation of the date and what occurred, the intention will be to provide only the key information.

Typography has a vast history and my timeline is only the first step to seeing all it has to offer, I urge you to take a journey through the history of typography with me and hope you find the site as useful and insightful as I have when building it.