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Hello and welcome to my portfolio.

I am currently updating so keep checking in and watch as the page develops.

I am a front end web designer/ developer with experience in user testing , UX testing & evaluation, graphic design, teaching and PhD research.

Within my web based work I like to keep all designs clean and simple, I believe that a clean layout and clear message are key for providing a good user experience and indication as to what services you provide.

Feel free to browse my portfolio and if you wish to contact me regarding any issues, potential freelance work or work in general please use the contact information provided below.

Website Work

Provincial Grand Lodge of Antrim website committee and designer.

The work with the PGLA began in April 2016 and continued until early 2017. The purpose of my work was to provide an up to date and modern take on the former PGLA website which had fallen to disuse and was no longer maintaining the standard set down by the PGLA council.

The project provided a number of challenges, the first being the age of the target audience and their reluctance to embrace significant changes. The second obstacle was the forming and working order fo a website committee... the old addage comes to mind "too many cooks spoil the broth" and I can say from experience this rings true. The thrid and final challenge was the maintaining the level of information provided whilst keeping the design modern and simple.

The final outcome was a success and despite the many challenges, the project was both interesting and fun. As of 2018 the PGLA moved forward with a further adaption and the website was moved to a wordpress structure allowing for a wider range of admin access.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Google API, Text editing, Photoshop.

Lagan Swifts FC football club website designer, developer and admin.

The creation of the Lgan Swifts Fc website began in 2017/2018, to design and build a club website that would be accessible to all and launch ready for the 2018/2019 season, the clubs third year since forming in 2016. My role was to design, develop and implement the entire website and to maintain and populate the site on a regular basis as information changed and the season progressed.

Two sites were created for the Lagan Swifts, one being a standard HTML with a number of features and 3rd party plugins and the second a CMS driven design wherein all admins or club admins could update the details as required. The current example shown is the template design for the CMS structure. It was decided that for the moment the CMS design would be implemented until a new HTML/CSS based design was ready for launch later this year.

As the sole content editor for the site, a lot of work was involved in its implementation. The bulk of the work however is maintaining the data and keeping results up to date.

CMS, HTML, CSS, MySQL, PhP, Jquery, Jscript, Google API.

Xchange Visions front end development and design (Team project).

A university based project working with a team of 4. My main role was to design and implement various pages and features on the site. As a group venture all decisions were decided as a team and each member attributed a number of tasks to ensure the completion of the overall project.

Within the project a number of positive aspects could be identified and equally a number of negative factors that tend to occur working within a team. In theory "many hands make light work", this however is not always the case. Deadlines and a number of complicated features were pushed back due to a reliance on the whole team functioning as individuals and it was quickly identified that instead of splitting in to solo projects that we would instead implement a primary and secondary on every project or task. What started as a major problem quickly became a great opportunity to learn and as a team we adapted and successfully developed the website shown above.

HTML, CSS, PhP, JQuery, Photoshop.

Mount Stewart concept design (Team Project).

A continuation from a video piece that I had worked on in college, focusing on Mount Stewart and the wonderful features that it had to offer as a public attraction. For this project I worked closely with 4 others, each taking a specific role within the creation of the site and contributing to make this attractive, clean and well structured website.

The site encompasses a number of features such as the 3D virtual tour, google map tab and a date checking calendar, all of which we decided to include to expand on the existing technologies that we to date had been using. This is perhaps one of my favourite projects, not only because of the content material but also because even today the design holds up, it is clean, simple and very eye catching. A project that I am happy to have been included on.

HTML, CSS, PhP, JQuery, Photoshop.

Final Graduation project - Typography through time.

This was my final year project, essentially from three categories I chose to focus on the history of Typography and to createa website that captures that history. There are a number of features that I utilised for the first time in this project. The first being the floating navigation with the expanding transition in the top right corner. I wanted the navigation to be present at all times and to stand out. The second feature and perhaps the most complicated was the scrolling timeline. I cannot take credit for its coding, the framework was provided by a third party. What I did do however was edit the design, content and add expanding accordions, another tool that I had not used until this project. The result was a crisp clean, albeit brief history of Typography. A project that I really enjoyed working on and would like to revistit on a more permanent basis one day.

HTML, CSS, PhP, JQuery, Photoshop.

Vision Carpentry competition piece - design and development.

A university competition, the class was presented with a chellenge by a live client. Essentially I was given a guideline, provided with some "questionable" quality images and asked to complete the brief within two weeks. This was the concept that I came up with, keeping the design clean, simple and easy to access for any user. Out of the 100 entrants I placed 12th, personally I was content with the project and all that it involved as its purpose was to teach students to work to a deadline and client brief.

HTML, CSS, PhP, JQuery, Photoshop.

Rustic NY restaurant design and development site - No longer in use.

My first freelance website project, a testament to the problems that occur when you lack experience. I as the sole designer and creator allowed far too much input from the client and instead of an enjoyable 3 week project, I recieved multiple 2-4 am emails asking for new colours, updates, content, images etc etc. The resulting website is one that I am not proud off, however it is what the client wanted and the project was paid for successfully. For me the greatest value was learning that not all projects allow the level of freedom that one would expect on a design project.

HTML, CSS, PhP, JQuery, Photoshop.

Local photography site - Design, development and current admin.

A local freelance photography website that never took off. The concept is provided to indicate that the initial layout would have been. The project was never finished as the client decided not to go live with her work and wait for a few years.


Graphic/ Image work

FA cup poster design for funraising.

The poster was created for a fund raising event within the Whiteabbey Social Club, advertising the FA cup match and attempting to bring custom to the club. The poster was created fully in Photoshop using images from numerous sources to create the final poster. The event was a huge success.

FIFA football competition - Charity event.

An event poster created for Southside FC and their FIFA competition in the bid to raise funds for the football club. The image was created using Photoshop and various texts and graphics.

Northern Ireland Football Competition poster (top 10).

My first and only attempt at a poster competition for the Sky Sports Victory Shield, the winner of the competition would be used to advertise the event all over the country. I managed a top 10 finish with my entry. All designs were created in Photoshop, using images provided by the competition, editing and adding various effects and layers.

Mount Kilimanjaro charity tage rugby match.

A personal favourite of mine, this poster was created to advertise the Mount Kilimajaro Tag Rugy fund raiser within the Ulster University, I was approached by a charity representitive and asked to create the poster for a small fee which was wavered. The poster was a lot of fun and I decided against using real photography and focused instead on a graphic visualisation of the event. Created in Photoshop.

Karaoke fundraising event.

After my success creating event posters for Southside FC they requested another poster for a Karaoke night, raising funds for both the club and the Laurence Trust Charity. Using photoshop and Illustrator I opted for a graphic only poster and kept the design lively yet simple and easy to understand.

Grand National fund raising event.

This was my first event poster for the Whiteabbey Social Club and proved to be a huge success in gaining attention for their event. Created using a few simple sources and Photoshop.

Pool competition fund raising event.

A fund raising poster created for a pool competition run by Southside FC. Clean and simple design, created using Photoshop. The poster was designed with the intent of capturing an aged effect, attempting to create a retro feel in its design.

Personal graphic work.

"SACKMAN" as it has affectionately now been referred to for a number of years was my first ever atempt at a sketch to graphic design. I had been sketching these creations for over a decade and only once I became accustomed to Photoshop and web design did I think of adding one of my creations to the web design world. This was perhaps my favourite piece to work on, just for the simple reason that I was able to bring a hand drawn image to life.

Freelance project - Bishop dentistry draft #1.

A freelance project for Bishop Dentistry. The brief was to create a simple and bold image/ logo that included a bishop chess piece and the company name. For this design I stuck as close to the bried as possible and submitted the work.

Freelance project - Bishop dentistry draft #2.

The second Bishop Dentistry piece I went a little creative and included a chessboard feature behind the logo. Both images were created in Illustrator and Photoshop. Both paid for though I am not sure if they are now in use.

Concept design for GIS based platform "Ulster University" #1.

One of two images submitted to the Planning department within the Ulster University, the brief was to create two logos that included a globe, the company name and an indication of GIS information and data collection. The projects were never taken past design as the plannign department decided to step back from the creation of both businesses.

Concept design for GIS based platform "Ulster University" #2.

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Charity Work/ Events

Marie Curie - Quiz Night

My first ever charity night, quiz, music, raffles, food and play your cards right. On behalf of Marie Curie the event raised £763.

MacMillan - Quiz Night

Second charity event, this time on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Research. The event was run similar to the first with a small drop in numbers, yet still raising £560 for a wonderful cause.

Alzheimers - Quiz Night

The third and most recent charity night, on behalf of Alzheimers NI. A charity that was partnered with Argos and therefore drew some attention from the company itself. We raised £750.

Air Ambulance NI - Quiz Night

Booked for the 9th of March 2019, hoping yet again for another wonderful night on behalf of Air Ambulance NI.